Laser Sights and Weapon Mounted Lights

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Laser Sights and Weapons Mounted Lights

When it comes to life or death situations having gear that gives you an edge is important. A laser is by no means a substitute for traditional iron sights, but it is a tool to use in conjunction with irons. Good lasers are not cheap, and cheap lasers are not good! With precision tools such as lasers theres just a few brands that we trust, unfortunately many people get fooled into purchasing poorly made inexpensive lasers hiding behind a Tacti-COOL name. Often times these lasers will not hold zero or adjust properly leaving folks disappointed and skeptical of what has proven to many to be an indispensable tool.  Attaching a laser or weapon mounted light to your firearm is one way to make sure your never left in the dark. 

Laser Pros?

  1. The laser itself acts as a deterrent, by this we mean most bad guys understand that what comes after the red dot is usually bad
  2. It allows you to keep your firearm closer to you body and maintain your peripheral vision 
  3. Gives you a significant advantage in low light home defense situations
  4. It improves off hand aim as well as allowing the operator to shoot more proficiently from awkward positions

Laser Cons?

  1. Depending on the type of laser you may be more limited for holster options
  2. Solid Lasers can be pricey depending on type, expect to spend anywhere from $100-$500 when contemplating a laser purchase