At The Sharp Shooter we have everything you need to keep you ready for anything life throws your way. Being prepared is not just a rule for Boy Scouts, having mission critical gear ready when you need it most could make all the difference in bagging that trophy buck, or being ready to defend yourself if the need arises. 

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    Game Calls

    AaaaaRrrrooooh! That's our impression of a buck call. Whether you're hunting deer, duck, turkey, or something else, we have a wide variety of game calls. Draw your prey into range with a game call; ask us for help selecting the right call for your next hunt. View our brands>>
  • Hunting Gear

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    From pocket knives to cutlery, personal security to hunting, tactical to camping and multi-tool, The Sharp Shooter has it all. Our selection includes the top brands in the industry. Unsure what kind of knife would be best for your use? Ask our staff for help in selecting the right knife for your needs. In addition to our selection of knives, we also have cases and sharpeners, as well as other specialty items. Below you can find a basic guide to knife Laws in Texas: View our brands>>

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    Shooting Range Equipment

    Here at The Sharp Shooter we carry a wide variety of outdoor shooting range equipment from simple target practice steel targets to long range high caliber gongs. We also have everything you need for CHL qualifications and simple indoor target practice such as B27 Paper targets, shoot and see stick on targets, Eye and Ear protection, and even our custom molded earplugs. View our brands>>