Range Info

Range Information

$20 per hour, First Shooter (1 hour minimum)
(Second Shooter on the same lane $10.)

$15 per hour for active Military and Law Officers
(Second Shooter on the same lane $7.50.)

$13 per hour for Seniors
$10 per hour for Youth
(16 years and younger)


Membership Information


Platinum Membership – $400 – The Platinum Membership is our highest level of membership we offer, and is recommended for avid shooters. Under this program, customers will receive free range time and free rentals every time they use our range. They will also be allowed one guest to who will receive the same benefits. The Platinum Member will also receive 10% off any new or used merchandise (excluding consignments) every time they make a purchase.

Gold Membership – $200 – This is our entry level membership specially designed for the everyday shooter. Under this membership, members will receive 1/2 off range fees and free gun rentals for their lane. (Ask about our Recurring Platinum and Gold Memberships)


Rentals (Requires a Party of 2 to Access Rental Case)

Firearms: $10.00 – Ten dollars grants you access to our entire pistol rental case. You may switch out firearms during your time spent on our range and try out different gun manufacturers or different calibers. Guns featured on our rental line include the Glock  19, 44, Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 380ACP & 9MM, Ruger Mark IV. 

Ear Protection: $1.50         Eye Protection: $1.50

Targets: $1.50