Firearm Cleaning

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Part of proper firearms maintenance is cleaning and lubricating the firearm on a regular basis. Most of the firearms we fix come in for issues that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Keep in mind this service that we offer is not your basic field strip and clean, we completely disassemble the entire firearm, and using top of the line technology and cleaning supplies to make sure your firearm is always mission ready. Our cleaning process includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the firearm
  • Examination of parts for wear and tear
  • A combination of ultrasonic and hand cleaning to get rid of any carbon or copper fouling
  • Reassembly 
  • Proper lubrication and function check

Any gun brought in that’s antique in nature will be hand cleaned due to the sensitivity of the wood furniture. In many instances breaking down and removing the wood can result in cracking of the pieces and or screws being stripped.

Gun Cleaning Pricing

Pistol or Long Gun – $45.00

Rusted Firearms are Cleaned at Normal Labor Rate

Labor – $45 per Hour