Gunsmithing thumbnail Locations: The Sharp Shooter

At The Sharp Shooter, we understand how important it is to maintain your firearms in A-1 condition. Whether it’s general maintenance, reassembly, repair, or diagnostics, we can help. Our gunsmiths will also check for potential safety hazard issues with your firearm, and make repairs or recommendations for your specific type of firearm. We can also provide general warranty services on specific firearm brands.


Gunsmithing Prices

General Labor – $45 Per Hour

Machine Labor Rate – $75

Free Float & Glass Bed Bolt Action Rifle- $100

Barrel Threading and Muzzle Break Installation – $125 

Bolt Action or Handgun Trigger Job – $50 (Existing Trigger)

Remington 700 Tactical Bolt Knob – $75 + Bolt Knob

Pin and Weld Muzzle Device – $75

Bore Sight – $10

Mount and Bore Sight – $30

Sight in (Not Including Ammo) – $30

Mount and Sight in (Not Including Ammo) – $50

Night Vision/ Thermal Update & Sight in (Not Including Ammo) -$100